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Create Sub-Tags

In addition to normal tags, you can also create sub-tags. This allows you to sort your applications even better.

You create a sub-tag like a normal tag by assigning it to an application. All you have to do is separate the parts with a | sign.

Example: You want to sort your graphics programs with the tag "Graphic Applications". However, you want to have all the graphic filters and additional tools with a corresponding sub-tag.

All your graphics programs have assigned the tag "Graphic Applications" in the configuration. You give the graphic filters the tag "Graphic Applications|Effects" and the tools the tag "Graphic Applications|Tools".


How to add files and folders to start

Files and directories can be added to start very easily. Open the settings of start and switch to the data area. Now you can simply drag' n' drop the files and directories you want into the data area and then tag them or add a comment.

Alternatively you can also use the button with the + in the settings. As soon as you click on it a selection dialog appears and you can select the desired element to add it.

start does not show all available apps

start uses spotlight to find existing applications and react to changes. This means that spotlight must be active under macOS (this is the default setting of macOS). In rare cases spotlight may not index all applications. In this case it helps to rebuild the spotlight index.

Where is the configuration stored?

The configuration is stored in a plist-file (net.innovative-bytes.start.plist) in the folowwing folder:


You can create a copy/backup of this file while the application is not running. Do not modify this file directly!

Why does a dialog appear when starting some elements and asks for permission?

start runs according to Apple regulations in a sandbox. Applications located in the application directory, for example, are easily accessible and can be launched directly. If you add elements from other directories, start may ask once for permission to launch/open them.


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